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Bird lasers and strobe lights

Visual bird deterrents for inside and outside use

Bird Strobe Light

Strobe light and laser bird repellers chase away pest birds from indoor areas with constantly changing light patterns. An extremely intense light or laser is very intimidating to many birds causing them to leave the area. Flashing stroboscopic lights and bird lasers are frequently used as bird deterrents inside building structures such as warehouses, hangars, sheds and others.

Bird lasers for outside and agricultural use

Recently, a new generation of stationary and handheld lasers for outside use has been developed. Birds perceive a powerful green laser beam as a physical danger. They will consider the environment in which the laser is used as unsafe and they will leave the area. Birds do not get used to the laser light and after systematic use they will not return to the area.

Bird Control NZ has Bird-X® and AVIX commercial indoor and outdoor bird laser products available.

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