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Aerolaser 500 HSS Aviation

Handheld Airport Laser with Horizon® Safety System (HSS)

Aerolaser Handheld 500 HSS

The final line of defense against bird strikes.

The surroundings of most runways are characterized by an enormous biodiversity. In the vast fields human presence is close to zero, making it an ideal habitat for birds to breed and forage. This globally recognized problem at airports can seriously jeopardize aviation safety. Effective bird control is essential to ensure aviation safety. Airports spend millions each year to keep birds at a distance from aircraft. Bird controllers are the goalkeepers at the airport, repelling birds that pose an immediate threat with scary sounds and pyrotechnics. In order to use these tools effectively, bird controllers need to be in the vicinity of the birds, requiring them to drive around the airport constantly to approach these unwelcome guests. Bird Control Group has developed a valuable addition to the bird controller’s toolbox: the Handheld 500 HSS.

The Handheld 500 HSS is inspired by nature, simulating a natural enemy in order to reclaim the airside territory from passing birds. Birds perceive the approaching laser beam as a physical danger. Moving the beam toward the birds appeals to their survival instinct, causing them to fly away.

Horizon® Safety System (HSS)

The patented Horizon Safety System measures when the laser beam is used in an uncontrolled or dangerous manner and deactivates the laser beam when needed. The possibility of endangering pilots, passengers and personnel is thereby eliminated. Upon activation of the Horizon Safety System, the user is notified by active feedback through a LED indicator, subtle vibration and sound.

Uses: Airports and airfields with short and long runways, helipads.

Please note: A laser permit is required to use Class 3B handheld lasers in New Zealand. Please contact us for more information on how to obtain a permit.

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  • Dimensions: 455mm (length) x 66mm (diameter)

  • Weight: 915 grms

  • Laser: green beam

  • Laser class: class 3B laser

  • Laser Output: <500mW

  • Laser Service Life: 5,000 hours

  • Box includes: 1x Aerolaser Handheld 500 HSS, Li-ion 18650 battery battery, CR2032 battery, Li-ion battery charger, secure flight case with keylock user manual, laser safety course

  • Maximum Range: 3,500m in 15,000Lux weather

  • Power Input: 3 VDC - 3.6 VDC
  • Energy Consumption: 4 W
  • Power Source:

    1 x Rechargeable lithium ion 18650 battery
    1 x CR2032 battery (scope)

  • Manufacturer: Bird Control Group

  • Origin: Made in Europe

  • Warranty: 1 year

  • Delivery Lead Time: Special Order*

* Please contact us for lead time and delivery terms.

Please note: Bird Control New Zealand takes laser safety seriously. A laser permit is required to legally use Class 3B handheld lasers in New Zealand and we ask our clients to comply with the following

- Our handheld lasers are professional bird control lasers. They are available to professionals such as pest controllers and commercial users only.
- Handheld bird laser devices are supplied by the Bird Control Group, Netherlands. Clients are required to hold a permit to import and use handheld lasers.
- Completion of a laser safety course is required. This course is available free-of-charge to all Bird Control New Zealand bird laser clients.

Please contact us for more information.