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Bird Control New Zealand has a wide range of sound options available for most local bird species. We produce sound repelling technology for most bird species. Our cooperation with research institutions and many years of industry-experience has resulted in tailor-made bird sound solutions for our acoustic systems.

Did you know that many birds have local accents? For example, a North-American Sparrow may sound slightly different to a local Sparrow. Our sound chips are compatible with our Bird-X-Peller PRO, Super Bird-X-Peller PRO, BroadBand PRO, and MegaBlaster PRO systems. With the exception of the Bird-X-Peller PRO, all our systems have a user exchangeable sound chip interface. This means users can fit a different sound chip themselves in just a few seconds. Typical sound options include alarm and distress calls of the target bird species, bird predator calls and harassment sounds.

Compatibility: Bird-X-Peller PRO, Super Bird-X-Peller PRO, Broadband PRO, MegaBlaster PRO

Uses: Gardens, orchards, farmfields, roof tops, boats, warehouses, hangars, sheds and more

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  • Alarm calls, distress calls, predator calls, sound harassments for most New Zealand pest birds.

  • Origin: Made by Bird Control NZ

  • Warranty: 1 year

  • Delivery Lead Time: 1-5 days