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Birds pose a significant safety risk to commercial and private aviation

Bird Strike

Every year, bird strikes near airfields and airports cause severe damage to aircraft and pose a permanent safety risk. The number of collisions between birds and aircrafts can be reduced by having an effective bird management programme in place. Acoustic and visual bird management solutions are widely deployed around airfields and airports. Acoustic deterrent devices broadcast bird's own alarm and distress calls and indicate a "danger" or "no go" area to the targeted bird species. In addition, gas canons are sometimes used to “shock” and scare away flocks of birds. Recently, advanced hand-held lasers such as the Aerolaser 500 HSS Aviation for airfield and runway use have been developed.

Aircraft Hangars

Pest birds in aircraft hangars are a common problem due to the often open structure of these buildings. Wide open sliding doors allow easy access to the hangar which provides shelter and is an ideal place for nesting. A range of different exclusion deterrents can be used to keep the birds out. These include bird spikes and bird proof gel which are used on building ledges, beams and columns. A further effective method is the use of an acoustic alarm and distress call unit. This can be complemented by a visual deterrent device such as a stroboscopic light or an indoor laser.

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