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Bird Proofing - Industrial & Commercial Buildings

Birds cause damage to buildings and infrastructure and are an occupational health & safety risk.

Commercial Warehouse

Many industrial and commercial buildings (factories, office buildings, hotels, hospitals, etc.) suffer from infestations of pest birds. The birds are attracted to these areas due to the shelter and food sources they often provide. Bird problems are not only limited to substantial property damage; the presence of the birds also creates a variety of health and safety issues.

  • - There are 30 known diseases that can be passed from birds to humans.
  • - Build up of faeces and dead birds can cause long term damage and the blocking of pipes and guttering.
  • - Bird nests can cause fire hazards and damage to goods and machinery.
  • - Removal of bird nests and clean up of bird droppings is an ongoing process and very costly.

An effective bird control solution should be tailored to the specific situation and the clients needs. Exclusion deterrents and roost inhibitors such as spikes and bird wire systems are widely used in industrial and commercial areas. In addition, acoustic alarm- and distress calls can be broadcasted. These sounds create an extremely realistic scare effect and mark a "danger" or "no-go" zone.

Sheds, Barns & Warehouses

Warehouses provide shelter and are very popular nesting and roosting places. The bird droppings are not only a health and safety risk; they also cause extensive damage to building structures and stored goods. Bird spikes and bird proof gel can be used along ledges, beams and columns. These help to transform the warehouse into an unpopular spot to roost and nest. Further methods use acoustic alarm and distress broadcast devices and visual bird deterrents including stroboscopic lights or indoor bird lasers.

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