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AVIX Autonomic Mark II

Next-Level Automated Bird Repellent Laser

Avix Autonomic Mark II

AVIX Autonomic Mark II is the newest generation of automated intelligent laser bird repellents. It is an effective solution to repel birds in an animal-friendly way. The AVIX Autonomic covers the area that needs protection from birds continuously. Birds perceive the approaching laser as a physical danger and avoid the area. The laser bird repellent has proven to be effective over time without habituation. AVIX Autonomic Mark II repels birds 24/7 and achieves up to 90% bird reduction.

Uses: Large outside areas including airports & airfields, orchards, vineyards, farm fields, land fills, marinas, shipping vessels, offshore oil rigs, roof tops of large buildings including warehouses, aircraft hangars etc.

Key Features:

  • • Modular Design: Components of the AVIX Autonomic can easily be replaced, minimizing downtime.
  • • Connect wirelessly: A Bluetooth connection to your Android or iOS device allows easy configuration without cables.
  • • Optional Remote control: View the system status via the AVIX app or switch it ON/OFF remotely.
  • • Remote monitoring: Monitor the system operation in the AVIX app and receive push notifications.
  • • The AVIX Academy provides online and on-site training sessions for safe and effective use.
  • • AVIX Accessories: A wide range of accessories is available making the AVIX Autonomic suitable for any environment. Battery/ solar-power kit and mounting hardware available separately.

About AVIX

Based in the Netherlands, AVIX dominates the market for laser bird control with state-of-the-art systems and support services, bringing solutions for large-scale applications at much lower costs than existing methods. AVIX bird laser technology is used in 90 countries around the world.

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  • Dimensions: 500mm x 210mm x 400mm (LxWxH)

  • Weight: 11 kgs excl. support frame

  • Laser: green beam, class 3B laser

  • Laser Output: 5 to 500mW (adjustable)

  • Laser Service Life: 5,000 hours

  • Projection Range:

    Horizontal: 360°
    Vertical: -50° to +30°

  • Safety: Laser operating LED indicator and key-lock switch (according to EN 60825-1:2014), Emergency stop button, Password protection

  • Box includes: 1x AVIX® Autonomic Mark II, power adaptor, programming software, user manual, bird control information pack, flight case

  • Accessories (optional): 24V solar-power kit with battery box, support frame, wall or pole mount kit, laser warning signs, laser safety glasses.

  • Power Supply: AC adapter (100 to 277 VAC) or battery with solar kit

  • Operating Temperature: -15°C to 50°C

  • Operating Voltage: 24V (@max 4A)

  • Power Consumption: 100 W (peak)

  • Connectivity: USB2.0, Bluetooth

  • AVIX Connect App: Android version 4.0.0 or iOS version 11 or higher with Bluetooth version 4.0 or higher

  • AVIX Wireless: Wireless ON/OFF, Mobile application, Real-time status, Global reach (cellular network coverage is required: GSM/2G or higher)

  • IP Rating: IP66 (indoor/ outdoor use)

  • Manufacturer: Bird Control Group

  • Origin: Made in Europe

  • Warranty: 1 year

  • Stock Status: In local warehouse.
    Delivery Lead Time: 3-7 days*

* Please contact us for individual lead times and delivery terms.