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MegaBlaster Pro

Meadowbank Wines

Meadowbank has always had a problem with birds (crows and starlings mainly), so much so that 4 years ago we had to resort to netting - a very expensive process both in terms of captial and labour.

This year we installed with some scepticism a MegaBlaster unit which covers 12ha on a vineyard coming into production for the first time. After veraison we always have problems with crows and then as the grapes ripen the starlings start work. At first the MegaBlaster did not appear to have a significant effect against crows until the chip was changed. To our delight this had quite a significant effect against crows and confirms our believe that the various noises are effective at controlling birds. We turned the unit off on several occasions and immediately a significant increase in crow activity was noticed. To date (the season is not over yet) the Megablaster seems to have virtually eliminated all damage from starlings. In addition we have retained fruit on an adjacent vineyard which always had to be netted and even then losses occured. Of course these units need to be used intelligently and in conjunction with human presence as much as possible. We propose on purchasing MegaBlaster unit next year and do not intend to purchase nets for a new vineyard bearing fruit for the first time instead relying on the MegaBlaster.



  • Cranbrook Estate Vineyard

    Cranbrook Estate Vineyard

    "This season I purchased the Super Bird-X-Peller PRO for my Vineyard at Cranbrook Estate in Tasmania. ... I am extremely pleased with the purchase I made... It has meant that I have gone through this vintage without having to use my nets. Without having the expense and time of putting nets on and off, it has in fact paid for the electronic bird repeller." David

  • Deakin University Melbourne

    Broadband PRO acoustic bird control system keeps birds away from $126M campus building.