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AVIX Autonomic Mark II
Solar-Power Kit

24V Solar-Power Kit for AVIX Autonomic Mark II Off-Grid Applications

Avix Autonomic Mark II Solar-Power Kit

The AVIX 24V solar-power kit supplies reliable OFF-GRID power to the AVIX Autonomic Mark II bird control laser. The kit includes 240W solar panel, 2x battery boxes, solar controller, battery power balancer and 5m extension cables. The kit comes with two 12V deep cycle batteries included.

Applications: Airports & airfields, orchards, vineyards, farm fields, land fills, marinas, roof tops and anywhere where no mains power is available.

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  • Dimensions (solar panel): 1179 x 664 x 35mm (LxHxW) each

  • Solar Technology: monocrystalline (high-efficiency)

  • Output Voltage: 24V

  • Current at max Power: 6.8A

  • Voltage at max power (Vmp): 35.2V

  • Warranty (Battery boxes, charge controller): 1 years

  • Solar Panel (Limited Warranty): 25 years

  • Dimensions (battery box): 460 x 290 x 330mm (LxHxW)

  • Maximum Power: 240W

  • Solar charge controller: Integrated in battery box with charge/ power indicator and power balancer

  • Battery: 2x 12V deep-cycle, 75-100AH each, max. dimensions: 11.00" x 7.88" x 9.75" (280 x 200 x 250mm)

  • Delivery Lead Time: 3-10 days

  • Manufacturer: Bird Control Group