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Agrilaser Autonomic Solar-Power Kit

Fully-independent operation with the solar-power kit

Agrilaser Solar-Power

The solar-power kit supplies reliable OFF-GRID power to the Agrilaser Autonomic bird laser range. The kit includes a large 150W solar panel, battery box and an advanced solar charge controller. Please note that the 12V backup battery is not included.

Applications: Airports & airfields, orchards, vineyards, farm fields, land fills, marinas, roof tops and anywhere where no mains power is available.

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  • Dimensions (solar panel): 1480 x 665 x 35mm (LxHxW)

  • Solar Technology: monocrystalline (high-efficiency)

  • Output Voltage: 12V

  • Current at max Power: 8.3A

  • Voltage at max power (Vmp): 18.1V

  • Warranty (Battery box, charge controller): 1 years

  • Solar Panel (Limited Warranty): 25 years

  • Dimensions (battery box): 460 x 290 x 330mm (LxHxW)

  • Maximum Power: 150W

  • Solar charge controller: Integrated in battery box with charge/ power indicator

  • Battery (not included): 12V deep-cycle, 80-100AH, max. dimensions: 11.00" x 7.88" x 9.75" (280 x 200 x 250mm)

  • Delivery Lead Time: 1-5 days

  • Manufacturer: Bird Control Group