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Prowler Owl

Owl with moving wings frightens birds and small animals away

Prowler Owl

The Prowler Owl® decoy resembles the ultimate, most-feared aerial predator. In nature, the owl catches and eats almost anything that moves. Birds instinctually avoid the Prowler Owl®. Don't be fooled by imitations that just sit there! Our owl decoy sets up anywhere - the breeze and its natural appearance do the rest.

Uses: Parks, gardens, yards, fields, rooftops, golf courses, marinas, trees and other open areas.

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  • Dimensions: 4ft wing span (122cm)

  • Installation: Installs on a ½” diameter pole.

  • Box includes: 1x Bird-X Prowler Owl

  • Coverage: 560 sq. meters (6,000 sq. ft.)

  • Materials: hard resin plastic head, body is strong-weave iron hide fabric supported by woven flexible cables and riveted plastic struts.

  • Origin: Made by Bird-x USA