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Premium-Grade Bird Spikes SBS-45

Dense premium grade all stainless-steel spikes with stainless-steel base

Bird Spikes SBS-45

Very dense all stainless-steel SBS-45 bird spikes are an effective bird roost inhibitor for bird proofing houses, warehouses, sheds, hangars, stadiums and all other buildings indoors and outdoors. SBS-45 spikes are ideal for use in tough environments such as marinas, bridges and coastal areas.

Uses: Roof ridges, window sills, ornaments, building ledges, columns, pipes, gutters and more

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  • Dimensions: 88 x 50 x 500mm (HxWxL)

  • Prongues: premium-grade stainless-steel

  • Base: premium-grade stainless-steel

  • Width (Spread): 50 mm

  • Length: 500 mm

  • Height: 88 mm